Friday, March 07, 2008


Guest Blogger, Larry David:

On The Red Phone


Anonymous said...


I am doing a little "research" trying to help others learn how they can use "Sally" to their advantage. I took 10 Sally notifications that had a pop score above 60% (to limit the field some) and I have tracked them since January.

I would guess (research not complete yet) that about 70% of them showed a positive return within 30-45 days. I am tracking them for a full 3 months and then will post the results here.

Just trying to help for those with "limited" funds like myself.


A said...


Good idea. My insider stats are now 4-5 years old and the market has changed. It would be instructive to see some updated and longer term studies.


Anonymous said...

No problem Allan,

I was looking for a way to "week" trade the Sally calls so I will gladly post anything of value I figure out.