Monday, December 31, 2007

Jim Cramer - Happy New Year

I just finished reading through the latest SEC filings for Jim Cramer's company, The (TSCM). In the spirit of, Those that can, do, Those that can't, teach, take a look at these numbers:

Year-to-Date Cramer's Action Alert Plus portfolio, his real time, real money, can't cheat (much) portfolio is up about $250K on a $3MM base, about 8%; he passes these profits on to charity.

For the nine months ending September 30, 2007, TSCM's subscription revenues were in excess of $15MM! Annually, that comes to about $20MM in subscriptions and unlike the trading profits, none of that goes to charity.

Trading Gains = $250,000
Subscriptions = $20,000,000

Happy New Year.



Anonymous said...

Holy $%#@%!

That's all I have to say.


A said...




Anonymous said...

Hey Allan,

I have another nanotech play for you to check out. ALRX has a couple of drugs with 100 million to billion dollar potential. The CEO has been doing a lot of buying and excersizing of options this fall. They want to move to the TSX exchange. I think it could do a NNVC/CSBR type of move just on potential. Please take a look and tell me if you like it. So far it has made a move from .04 to .26 and just broke through it's two year resistance of .20.

Happy new year!


Anonymous said...

But Cramer is famous and rich and you are not so I guess he wins.

happy new year

A said...

Mcphee, Yes, and Osama bin Laden is richer and more famous then Cramer and I put together, so I guess by your standards, Osama wins.

My point isn't about who wins, it is that with the spotlight on Cramer and any real ability he may have as a stockpicker, he is just about average.

And when it comes to his "charitable trust" where he donates profits to sick children, the money his company makes off the the promotion dwarfs any profits that end up going to worthy causes.

So in a way, everyone wins, just not in the sense that Cramer would have us all believe.


Anonymous said...

A, Last time I checked Osama wasn't daytrading from his cave, ok well maybe he bought puts on the airline index on 9/10/2001, so to compare yourself and Cramer to him is apples and oranges. Now you vs. Cramer is apples to apples as you both are giving trading advice, running money and are in the public eye so yes to compare the two of you based on your wealth is justified. I call it the way I see it. "Res Ipsa" counselor.

A said...

I call it the way I see it

I respectfully disagree, Mcphee, You have a chip on your shoulder the size of Mt. Rushmore. Cramer's 8% in 2007 barely beat broad-based indexes and underperformed the Nasdaq. I don't make any claims to performance, just throw out ideas here for free and any one of you is welcome to keep track and compare my advice against his.

I am appalled that he and his company pulled in over $20M in 2007 and used sick kids to promote his services. If you are not, then you have lost your objectivity....try looking under that Mt. Rushmore you're carrying around for me.


Anonymous said...


Cramer is somewhat entertaining....I have made a lot more money with Minyanville, Zacks, and your picks. Rarely, I will trade a Cramer pick for the early pop, but that has started to fade as people have started to realize that he is very average. His poor picks have become laughable. Happy New Year! In 08...I got big money riding on NTRZ, ARWR, and GSS - by the way GSS insider buys keep on coming in....RT

Anonymous said...


give us your blog address where you post picks for free and we will see how you stack up.

I got a feeling the "mcphee" name is really an account for Cramer...

Anonymous said...

What are you a Communist? This is free enterprise...goddamn it!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. It is clear that this Mcphee guy is some sort of Cramer shill.

But it IS apples and oranges here.

Cramer is an ENTERTAINER who dabbles in the stock market. He loses money most of the time but he is a popular ENTERTAINER not a stock trader.

Big entertainment figures in our society get paid a lot and SHOULD as they draw a lot of crowds and advertisers who pay fees, etc.

Allan is NOT an entertainer, he is a trader who makes money by trading and not by screaming and pushing a lot of big red buttons on stage.

Comparing personal incomes is irrelevant. Cramer makes big money, so does Mel Gibson, so does
Tom Hanks- they are all in the SAME business and draw big crowds and sell tickets. The fact that Cramer's "tickets" are subscription fees that don't get ripped in half when you sign on is irrelevant.

Again, Cramer and Allan are in two separate and entirely unrelated businesses. Comparing their personal incomes is equally as irrelevant.

Mark in Sandy, Utah

Anonymous said...


Can you give me a shout over at I had a couple of other questions.

By the way all...looks like a strong NFC east this year but my guess is Green Bay goes for the NFC overall.



Anonymous said...

Major Brown:

Arte you related to or know personally "Major Tom"?

Mark in Sandy, Utah

Anonymous said...

Mark. Nope I don't know Major Tom; who is he?

Dave Brown

Anonymous said...


I was just kidding with that one. A joke, and apparently not a good one!

Mark in Sandy Utah

Anonymous said...

No problem Mark, I just didn't get it and wanted to make sure you really were not looking for somone which makes the joke even funnier I am sure!


Dave in Florida

Anonymous said...

Can we still subscribe to Sally?

Anonymous said...

Jim Cramer is like Jim Jones, welcoming you to his Jonestown.. and together with his deluded believers, commit financial suicide. Still, I love the guy for providing idiots with money to the market. The believers pay the non-believers, not?

A bit off topic, but very important. I ended up on this great blog through other blogs using RSS. Now I've noticed this blog has a RSS-feed (usually on, but is somehow not showing or detectable by my RSS readers. Putting "feeds/posts/default?alt=rss" behind the domain eventually got me the RSS-feed.

Okay, nice blog and keep it UP!

Anonymous said...

Charity is charity. At least Cramer is GIVING! Quite a few people are benefiting from his trusts.
Lighten up.