Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Jim DInes -Interim Update

I received an INTERIM WARNING BULLETIN from Jim Dines last night. It was noteworthy for it's certainty, so I'm passing along the gist of it here.

1. Uranium is in a huge Bull Market, Buy, Buy, Buy!

2. Recent Buy signal in US stock market is looking better every day;

3. Gold is also still on a Buy.




A said...

In the For What It's Worth vein, Taylor Trends, the market timing discovery by Robert Taylor written about in his book, Paradigm, which has been pretty good in navigating this market, is suggesting new lows today (Wednesday) then new highs later in the month.


hans_meier said...

Hi Allan,

Thanks for your generousity! Do you have some names playing the Uranium bull?


A said...

Dines on NBR last October:

Anonymous said...

Buy an Audi!